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Small Glazed Pentagon Bowl
  • Small Glazed Pentagon Bowl

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    Ceramic artist Tomohiro Suzuki from Kiseraku Kiln, located in Arashiyama, Kyoto.

    Born in 1975 in Kagawa Prefecture.

    In 1999, graduated from the Three-dimensional Expression Course of the Saga College of Arts, specializing in the short-term program.

    Studied under Mori Murata in 1999.

    Established the kiln in Saga, Kyoto in 2001.

    A ceramic artist active mainly in the Kansai region.

    Each piece of pottery is handmade, so even with the same name, the shape and design are more akin than identical. The basic principle is that each piece is unique. The slight distortions in shape, the application of glaze, and variations in firing color add an element of interest and uniqueness to each piece.

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