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Flower Shaped Bowl (Color: Rainy Sky, Medium Size)
  • Flower Shaped Bowl (Color: Rainy Sky, Medium Size)

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    By Aika Craft, Miyazu, Japan.


    Aika Craft
    Miyazu, Northern Kyoto

    Step into the enchanting world of Aika Craft, a pottery studio nestled in Miyazu, where the bountiful blessings from the ocean and mountains of northern Kyoto converge. Founded by the artistic duo, Mr. and Mrs. Aika originally from urban Osaka, this studio breathes life into their creations by infusing them with the essence of the surrounding natural beauty. Utilizing clay from Japan and glazes sourced exclusively from Miyazu, each piece of their handmade ceramic ware becomes a vessel embodying the warmth and spirit of this remarkable region.

    At the heart of Aika Craft's philosophy lies a deep commitment to the art of handmade and wheel-shaped pottery. The duo shapes softer forms and lines that harmonize with Miyazu's tranquility, creating pieces that are not just functional but also reflective of the cultural richness of their environment. Each creation serves as a testament to the artisans' skill, offering a glimpse into the soulful connection between the craft and its origin.

    As you explore Aika Craft's collection, you embark on a visual journey through the landscapes of Miyazu. The dedication to preserving the beauty of this region is palpable in every piece, beckoning you to connect with the essence of Japan. Aika Craft warmly invites you to bring a piece of Miyazu's enchantment into your own space, where the tangible beauty of their ceramics becomes a daily celebration of art, nature, and the indomitable spirit of creation.



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