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Bottle Opener (Candy Shape) by Teyney, Kyoto
  • Bottle Opener (Candy Shape) by Teyney, Kyoto

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    L.7 1/8 in. (18.0 cm)


    Made by Teyney in Kyoto, Japan.


    What is Teyney?

    Teyney is a brand developed by Kyouwa Precision Co., Ltd., a company founded in Kyoto in 1969.  Since the company was established, Kyouwa has supported Japanese industry mainly with its technology and know-how in precision machining of metals.  Kyouwa has built its reputation on highly technical and precise component processing for industrial and medical devices.  The experience and know-how of Kyouwa engineers and technicians – who are able to manipulate tools and control machinery with the skill of a concert pianist – are the envy of the industry.  The passion the company has for monozukuri – the phrase the Japanese use to describe manufacturing – translates into products that add to the richness of people’s lives.  Our lives at present have in many ways become too convenient, and we are starting to see less of a bond between people – less time taken to slow down and enjoy moments in life.  The team at Kyouwa felt that there was a need for something to tie people together and remind them of the forgotten experiences, which is why we created the Teyney brand.

    Think of the people that are dear to you…  Think of who you would like to spend time with…  Think of the pleasure in the process…  In order to honor these connections – in order to mark the time full of richness, Teyney aims to produce items to treasure these moments.

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